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Mishcat Co is a design house that aims at disrupting the idea of the carpet being an afterthought, a hand-me-down or avoidable altogether- and instead, looking at it as an art piece and a starting point to curating an entire space.

Mishcat Co is a design house on a mission to change the way people buy a carpet.

Through our complimentary interior consultancy, our designers are available to help curate an entire look catering to a clients space- fabrics, paint colors, the works- all based on your handpicked Mish Co carpet.

The founding pillars behind Mishcat Co are a strong sense of Indian inspiration and craft, a firm commitment to support independent artisans and weavers and an intent to bridge the gap between client and object. All while aiming to be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.

Our upcycled sari silk carpets are made of left over yarn collected from sari weavers in the south of India. As yarn mixes are different each time, each carpet is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.