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“Mishcat carpets are distinctively beautiful and add heaps of character to any room!”

“Mishcat manages introducing elegant variations in texture, colour, depth and design form​,​ that is​ intrinsically present and practically distinct to, those found in the natural world.”

“Mishcat tells a story. A story thats not only derived from the beautiful colours, patterns or up-cycled silk but a story that comes from empowerment of a dying craft and the people behind the weaving. There is a feel good factor to buying this piece of art. We at Project 810 strive to work with brands like theirs where factors like- source, sustainability and quality are given due importance'”

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Mishcat Co’s founder Ishrat Sahgal graduated Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Interior Architecture in 2011 and a minor in the Art History. Shortly after moving back from New York to New Delhi, she founding Mishcat Co alongside her interior practice in 2013.