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The Mishcat Co Process


Collection of Leftover Sari Yarn

Sari Silk yarn collected from sari weavers in the South of India. This is leftover/ discarded yarn from weaving saris.


Sorting into Color Families

The sari silk yarn is sorted into color families: Ivory / Neutrals; Beiges / Browns; Blues / Greens; Reds / Oranges; Pinks / Purples; Multi / Colourburst; Greys / Charcoals. You can see many hues of colour, because of the multi colored saris.


The color sorted yarn is spun into threads. 
These spools of threads are then used for the weaving process.


From Inspiration and Sketch, to Design
The pattern is translated from sketch to software.


This is then made into a lifesize blueprint, and sent to the weavers.


Hand Knotting
This blueprint is used to hand knot each carpet. The blueprint is like an outline of a coloring book, within which the weaver does each knot. Which hue and speckle goes where, is determined by the weaver. Depending on the carpet size and timeline, 2-4 weavers at a time can work on a carpet.


Washing and Finishing
Once completed, the carpet is then sheared, finished and washed.


Quality Control

The carpet is then checked for the highest quality and finishing standards by our production head.


Delivery to Studio

The examined carpet is then sent to our studio, where it is displayed.


Curated Narrative and Interior Design

Clients come in and select a carpet, around which a narrative and interior story is further woven and completed.