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Popsicle Fuchshia
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Suzanis date back to the early 15th century, and originate from nomadic tribes in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries.

Originating from the Persian word Suzan meaning "tribal beautiful", the primary use of a suzani was within the yurt (a nomadic tent), as a protective wrapping for textiles and belongings. Suzanis were also gifted by brides to their grooms family, to symbolise the union of coming together. The symbols of a Suzani -representing luck, health, and a long life- are said to bring happiness and joy to the person who owns it.

Our take on a contemporary Suzani, the Cava carpet in Popsicle Fuchsia is sure to bring happiness and joy to any space it adorns, with its bright colours and unique upcycled sari silk yarn. For the floor or as a hanging on a wall! 

100% Hand knotted Sari Silk. 


Download wash care instructions here

To ensure great condition, vacuum regularly with a smooth metallic head with a slit suction instead of a brush. Dampness should be avoided completely. For hard-to-remove stains professional care is recommended. Each one-of-a-kind item will feature unique yarn variations, which is a part of the charm of the rug.

Our team is here to support and work with our patrons and address any queries with regards to care. Please contact us with any questions, or concerns, at

Details + Delivery

If the carpet is in stock, please keep in mind 4-5 days for delivery within India, and 7-10 days for international delivery. If the carpet is not in stock, please keep in mind 8-12 weeks for delivery within India, and the same internationally.

We are happy to do custom sizes for all our rugs. Please contact us on

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